Warriors for Yah; against all odds

Warriors for the creator

Mathew & Kyla McHale

The mission:
Expose evil and shine brightly!

The journey out of Babylon for this couple began in 2018. Both Mathew and Kyla were born and raised in Michigan; they grew up in public school and by pagan rules. The Most High brought them together and soon opened both of their eyes.

Mathew grew up in the apostate methodist church, and found himself doubting the existence of God in his early adult years. After many years invested in religious and historical studies, he found God again. Soon after, the Most High answered his prayers and brought Kyla to his doorstep in 2016.

Kyla grew up in an atheist/agnostic household. Although she spent much of her daycare years with Christians, she had little knowledge of God and Jesus. There was never a Bible in her home, nor was there any talk of God (unless it was a joke).

Kyla fell heavily into the new age spiritual trap and always surrounded herself with self-proclaimed witches. Although she believed in the concept of the devil, it wasn't until she met Matt that she accepted the reality of God. She accepted Jesus in 2018.


Since 2018, both Matt and Kyla have been making slow but dedicated steps in the name of the Messiah Yahusha Ha'Mashiach (Jesus Christ). They each have faced many trials, tests, and have had to rid themselves of many unclean habits, false beliefs,  and idols.


In 2020 their dedication intensified when their family multiplied; they now have a daughter by the glory of The Most High's Grace.

Matt and Kyla both were baptized at Lake Michigan in the name of Our Creator and Yahusha Ha'Masiach our savior in 2021. They continue to sharpen their iron and humble themselves daily in hopes to find themselves worthy in the eyes of the Almighty, and to raise a family in His Glorious Name.


...in-depth testimonies coming soon!